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Am I raising imposters?

Am I raising imposters? 1024 768 Looking out Loud

Beware of that over-praise x criticism combo. And be kind to yourself.

Look where I found 500 hours

Look where I found 500 hours 2000 1122 Looking out Loud

Are you making the most of your transitions?

Our AI future just knocked on my door

Our AI future just knocked on my door 1024 732 Looking out Loud

Today, I got triple smacked from a new breed of AI, and I’m mind-blown. What should we tell the kids?

Cool density experiment for kids with legos honey oil ping pong ball

Legos, honey, and ping pong balls: A fun experiment with density

Legos, honey, and ping pong balls: A fun experiment with density 2000 1500 Looking out Loud

This is an easy one that you and your kids will enjoy. Plus, get a cool window into what stuff is made of.

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Connect - making time that matters

Prompts to spark connection.
Projects to engage kids’ curiosity and creativity—that you’ll enjoy too.

Progress - learn better, teach better

What should you teach your kids? How do you get them ready for their future?
Learn what the science says. Along with tips, tricks, and lessons from our experience.

Reflect - take time to step back and reset

Life goes fast. Are you living time well spent?
Become a better you, one day at a time.

Discover ways to engage your kidscreate meaningful memories, and make learning fun.
Or just have a peek through another parent’s eyes.

Journeys of fatherhood…

Fly BCN to JFK sketch
We’re moving our family to another country for a year 1024 729 Looking out Loud

We’re moving our family to another country for a year

We’re submitting our family to an unnecessary experiment. Here’s why we’re leaving our simple life, and how we got organized to make it happen.

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What does 40 years look like_header
What does 40 years look like? 2000 931 Looking out Loud

What does 40 years look like?

Take a visual trip through the past 40 years. A memory lane full of thousands of photos, news stories, tech developments, and pop culture. A journey through the coevolution of my mind, body, and the world around.

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Guide your children by walking through your childhood

You are laying the foundation for your child’s future mind.

You f— up again. Congratulations!

Every time you notice you’ve reacted poorly, you take a step forward.

Where did my day go?

Stop saving time. Start paying attention.

Got a moment?

Daily perspectives on life and little people

What should we teach our children?

The future is a great big question mark. Let’s train for that.

Why my kids’ bedroom is like your life

Where you put your time and energy becomes your reality.

kids playing with tablet

4 words to manipulate your kids

This isn’t science. But it does make transitions easier.