A Bit Lost [audiobook]

A Bit Lost [audiobook]

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This is part of the Reading out Loud series. Make story time engaging with character voices. Listen in on how we do it.

  • Today’s book: A Bit Lost, by Chris Haughton (aka Little Owl Lost)
  • Skills encouraged: Reading, smiling, quality time with kids
  • Listen time: 2 minutes
  • Ages: 2 to 7

  • This is one of my favorites to read aloud to smaller children, in the spirit of the classic Are you my Mother? Distinct characters and simple dialogue make it a fun one to create voices for.

    It starts when Little Owl falls out of the tree…

    “I’m lost. Where’s my mummy?”

    Luckily, s/he’s quickly spotted by Squirrel, who so wants to be useful:

    “Don’t worry, little friend. Follow me…”

    Despite best intentions, Squirrel is a bit of a nut-brain. After a few valiant, but ultimately failed attempts, someone else steps in:

    “Wait a minute, I know your mummy…”

    Does frog know something that squirrel doesn’t?

    You can listen in on our story to find out. Hope you enjoy it a much as we do.

    Reading out Loud: A Bit Lost, by Chris Haughton

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