Crosswalk coffee: a simple act of kindness

What little thing could you slip into your routine to warm up someone's day?

Crosswalk coffee: a simple act of kindness

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This is a Daily Moment—short perspectives on life and times through a dad’s eye.

Every morning in front of my kids’ schools, there are crossing guards there to help kids safely cross the street.

This morning was cold. And right there on that guarded zebra walk, I saw the most touching thing.

A car pulled up to the guards and rolled down her window. Then out popped two hot coffees, one for each person.

“Wow, thank you! I really needed this today!” the guards said with surprise. It made their morning.

The guards may have known the woman, but it was clear that they had no expectation that a hot coffee was about to warm up their cold morning.

That’s a true act of kindness. One that’s cheap, and easy to replicate.

Imagine if all of us went about our days looking for ways to warm up someone’s day. Maybe with a coffee, maybe with a simple smile.

It might not change the world. But it could change somebody’s day. And that experience might mean the world to them.

Now think about your routine. What could you add in that could really make somebody’s day?

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