“Don’t be such a dad” – How do I do that?

I don't know how not to be a dad. And I'm still learning how to be one, too.

“Don’t be such a dad” – How do I do that?

“Don’t be such a dad” – How do I do that? 1024 768 Looking out Loud

This is a Daily Moment—short perspectives on life and times through a dad’s eye.

I knocked on my oldest child’s closed door and waited for him to clear me for entry. I respect his need for space as a budding preteen, and so far have no reason to worry.

I got the call: “Come in.”

I walked in and asked what he was doing. “School project.”

I asked how it was going. “Good.”

I asked if he wanted to open the window curtain to let in some light. “No.”

I asked him if I could help with anything. “No.”

I let him know that I’m here if he ever does need anything. “Don’t be such a dad,” he said with a big smile.

This older child/preteen phase is new for me as a dad, and without a doubt I have a lot to learn. I wouldn’t say that I figured out the previous stage, whatever that was, but at least it was familiar.

Parents have lots of different jobs, and one of those is to continue adapting right alongside your kids. Because like our kids, us parents are still growing up, trying to figure things out as we go along.

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