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Hi, I'm Eric 👋

Writer, researcher, educator, and persistent ponderer. I’ve lived and worked on three contents, and backpacked through a few dozen countries—teaching, studying, writing, and managing teams.

Professionally, I have a PhD in cognitive psychology, with peer-reviewed research on reasoning, decision making, and mathematical cognition. I’ve also helped launch a successful startup blog, created award-winning content, and grown and managed a team of content and copywriters through three rounds of investor funding.

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More personally, I’m a dad, husband, son, and creator of Looking out Loud, where I explore how to best use my time now as a developing dad and limited-life human, while laying the foundations for a future I hope to see. I also make time away from the screens to create with any physical mediums I can get my hands on.

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I caan help you find your voice and get your message out

I come in and do these things:
– 1
– 2
– 3

I caan help you find your voice and get your message out

I come in and do these things:
– 1
– 2
– 3

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Academic publications

Articles can be viewed on Eric D Johnson Research Gate

Other things I’ve written:

Some interactive content I’ve written and acted in:

Some interviews I’ve done:

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      • Nir Eyal, Speaker & Author of Hooked and Unhooked:

      • Shep Hyken, Customer Success:

      • Wade Foster, CEO and Founder of Zapier:

      • Steph Liverani, Co-founder at Unsplash:

      • Lance Jones, Product Lead at Airstory and Copywriters:

      • David Berkowitz, Digital marketer (not serial killer):

      • Micah McGuire,

    • Susan Bennett, the original voice of Siri:

Some Science for a popular audience:

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Some other fun ones: