First snow of the year

Beautiful, and delicious. Would you care for a snow banana?

First snow of the year

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This is a Daily Moment—short perspectives on life and times through a dad’s eye.

Today we woke up to the first real snow of the year. It wasn’t much, maybe an inch. But we’ve been waiting for this for weeks, so it was definitely enough to be excited.

My kids geared up and ran outside to meet the neighbor kids. Together they built mini snow forts, had a snowball fight, and then made a shop to sell snowballs and other objects, mostly snow fruit.

I sat out with my coffee to feel the snow coming down, and watch as they played.

It was such innocent, creative fun. Outside, undeterred by the freezing temperatures, shaping snow. Kids are so funny. As they work, they talk. Sometimes to each other, sometimes to themselves. But it’s like they have less need to be heard than simply to express what they’re doing.

At one point, one of my kids noticed me sitting, and brought over a very carefully selected snow banana for me to eat. The first bite was so fresh, and I smiled like a little a kid. My second bite tasted like dirt and rotten leaves. So that was enough of that.

We don’t get snow at home in Barcelona (maybe once every ten years). Our kids been to the mountains and played in the snow. But this is one of just a few times they’ve woken up to a backyard winter wonderland, having no expectations the evening before that the ground would be blanketed in white the next morning. Beautiful. So much joy to be found in simple things.

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