God lives in a cornfield

Stop, look, listen. You can find It anywhere.

God lives in a cornfield

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I live in Barcelona, a beautiful cosmopolitan city in the northeast of Spain.

I spend my summers in the middle of agricultural Indiana, in the middle of Midwest USA.

Today I went for a long run down long country roads, bordered by cornfields, red barns, and silver silos. And I found It again.

The way the wind chimes through the cornstalks. The way puffy cumulonimbus clouds glide across a bright blue sky.

A chipmunk darts out into the road, sees me, and scurries back into the safety of the field. A yellow finch lands on an ear of corn with perfect timing and grace.

Peace. Quiet. Calm. Unencumbered by the pace of technology. Unconcerned with deadlines and comparison and grudges.

Everything just as it is, right here, right now.

God lives in these cornfields.

Every time I’m here, a spiritual side reawakens in me. An awareness I easily lose track of in the city, and the bustle of everyday life.

God lives in the cities too, and sometimes I catch It. In an unexpected act of generosity. In the unbounded curiosity and enthusiasm of a young child exploring a new playground.

But here in these cornfields, a natural peace and perfection rests wide open.

Pause for a moment. Listen carefully. Look without intention. Wherever you are, you can find It there too.

Indiana cornfield silver barns

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