Human Evolution

  • Primate
  • Hominidae: Gorilla 15MYA, brain 300 and 350 cm3
  • Lucy & the Australopithecus (3.5 MYA), evidence of full-time bipedalism, Africa, one of the earliest hominins, brain 400 to 550 cm3
  • Homo habilis, stone tool technology, 2.5 to 2.0 Ma, outside Africa
  • Homo erectus, 1.9-0.5 Ma, first known species to develop control of fire, by about 1.5 Ma., brain 1,100 cm3
  • Neanderthals, H. sapiens, 300–130 ka, brain 1300 – 1,600 cm3
  • Behavioral modernity, “great leap forward” theory, 80-50 KYA, cumulative cultural adaptation, social norms, language, and extensive help and cooperation beyond close kin. … abstract thinking, planning depth, symbolic behavior (e.g., art, ornamentation), music and dance

Hominidae: Gorillas

15 million years ago

Lucy & the Australopithecus

3.5  million years ago

Homo Erectus

first known species to develop control of fire

Homo habilis, stone tool technology

2.5 – 2.0 million years ago

Neanderthals – H. Sapiens

300–130,000 years ago

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Us – Homo Sapien Sapiens

50,000 years ago – present