Lacking confidence? Take action

Sometimes the best way to overcome doubt is to just get started.

Lacking confidence? Take action

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This is a Daily Moment—short perspectives on life and times through a dad’s eye.

This week my kids started a summer art camp. When we went to register them, the 6-12-years group was already full, so we convinced the school to put our 10-year-old with his older brother in the 13-18-years group.

The organizers were concerned about younger kids sitting still and following directions, plus some projects required using dangerous tools. But we’ve carefully encouraged our kids with drills, saws, knives, and fire since they were young, and he can experiment for hours with different forms of art. So I was confident he’d be okay with the bigger kids.

He was less confident.

What if he couldn’t do the projects well? What if he didn’t understand the teacher? What if the instructors got upset with him because he couldn’t keep up?

None of these things were impossibilities, but none of them were all that likely either. The school was set up to encourage kids to try new things, and he loves to create and experiment.

The first day he came back happy. The teachers were helpful and kind, and he got to use a blowtorch to shape metal—a dream for a 10-year-old boy.

Day two was more metalwork, and that meant more cutting with sharp tools, and more blowtorching. And he was so proud of the silver bracelet he made.

Days three and four, his confidence and excitement only grew. Oil painting on Wednesday, acrylics on Thursday.

He discovered he could keep up with the big kids, learn new techniques, and please the teachers he was at first afraid of.

Sometimes we hesitate to try new things or step out of our comfort zones. We fear failure or embarrassment, so we stay at bay until we build up our confidence.

But often times, the best way to gain confidence is to take a step a forward.

Do something, and let that action guide your next step. And with progress, comes confidence.

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