“My brother’s like the windshield wiper on the left”

I push him away, and he keeps coming back. Just like siblings do.

“My brother’s like the windshield wiper on the left”

“My brother’s like the windshield wiper on the left” 800 450 Looking out Loud

This is Daily Dadspeak—daily reflections on becoming a dad, while still growing up myself. You can find the full mini-pod audio list here.

One of my kids and I were driving home in the rain, when he said:

“See that windshield wiper on the left? That’s like [my brother]. He’s always jumping on top of me and I’m always having to pushing him away.”

I laughed out loud and then asked, “Why do you think he’s always on top of you?”

“Because he’s a pain and he always wants to bother me,” he said.

“Well, it’s probably because you’re so likable,” I guessed.

“No, it’s probably because he’a pain,” he assured me with a big smile.

And that’s what brothers are for. To jump on, to push away, to play with, to pick on, to learn from.

It can be tiring when your kids are always on top of each other. But even so, I feel so incredibly grateful to be the dad of these two little wipers blades. Thank you.

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