Why my kids’ bedroom is like your life

Where you put your time and energy becomes your reality.

Why my kids’ bedroom is like your life

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This is a Daily Moment—short perspectives on life and times through a dad’s eye.

My kids love to rearrange their bedroom. They do it spontaneously about once a month—shifting beds, tables, toys, even rugs and lamps.

I don’t encourage them to do it, but I am a big fan of rearranging furniture. It helps to freshen up your mind when you feel stuck in a rut or bored with your routine.

But there’s something else I saw the last time I watched them do this: They were creating their reality.

They invested time and energy into changing the space around them. And the result was their new reality, a new way that their world looked and felt to them.

This is how our adult lives work too. We put time and energy into maintaining and rearranging the part of the world we call our lives.

When you go to work, when you clean your house, when you go to the gym, you are putting time and energy into building and maintaining your reality. And the things you put your time and energy into become your life.

Every action you take, or don’t take, is a vote for the way you want your world to look.

Are you investing in the reality you really want to see?

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