The quality of a Monday morning mind

It's not about the day. It's how you show up.

The quality of a Monday morning mind

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This is a Daily Moment—short perspectives on life and times through a dad’s eye.

Monday is back again. And my kids were not happy about it this morning. After a nice weekend playing with friends and seeing Santa, going back to school was not the kind of gift they wanted to open up when they got out of bed.

Despite my best efforts to lighten the mood, the walk to school was filled with complaints over how boring school is, and how little they learn that actually matters. “When are we ever going to use geometry? Why can’t we study something useful?”

Now to be honest, these aren’t bad questions. But it was the feelings and frustrations behind the questions that I noticed.

It was a clear example that the quality of our experience has much more to do with the quality of our minds, than the actual world around us.

It was a beautiful morning. The air was crisp and the sky was blue. But we didn’t notice the frozen puddles, or the chirping birds, or the Christmas decorations that we’d been enjoying so much on recent walks. Instead, my kids were fully lost in thought—imagining what it would soon be like sitting back in class on a Monday morning.

The same thing happens with adults. How well your day goes, depends on the quality of your mind from moment to moment. And this extends over our entire lives. The quality of your life has much more to do with the mind you bring to the scene, than what actually happens on the stage.

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