Slow down: Why are we in such a rush to get to the future?

Get ready for the future. But don't miss the life in front of you right now.

Slow down: Why are we in such a rush to get to the future?

Slow down: Why are we in such a rush to get to the future? 1280 720 Looking out Loud

Before we rush into AI and the blazing speed of societal change, I’d like to share a conversation I once had with my grandmother.

I was a child, I don’t remember how old, but like every other kid my age, I huffed a sigh of school-induced exhaustion and said: “I can’t wait for the weekend. I just want it to be Friday.”

My grandma looked sharply at me with her loving, wise eyes and responded: “Don’t you ever wish your life away.”

I don’t recall absorbing a deep truth in that moment, but her words stuck with me. And they come back often, reminding me that life is lived now.

But we can’t stop now

Today, with the pressure to succeed at work and home, it’s hard to slow down. To-do lists never end, homes need constant maintenance, and don’t forget to exercise. Evenings are non-stop till we drop. Weekends are pre-programmed with activities that get us one step closer to the future we want to see.

Then there’s tech. ChatGPT and other recent AI advancements are coming faster than most people can keep up with. To be ready for the future of work, we need to uptrain our skills and keep our minds sharp, constantly. And that future feels like it’s coming faster all the time.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m generally a tech enthusiast and excited about the future. But before we get there, slow down for a minute.

Take time to read to your kids.

Take time to look at a tree in bloom.

Take time to enjoy the fall leaves.

Take time to have dinner with your family.

Take time to look at your life from above.

Take time to express gratitude for this moment.

Vision and goals are important. Preparing yourself and your kids for an uncertain future is important. But remember to slow down.

Life is a delicate tap dance between present and future. And that dance starts now.

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