Tomorrow is another day

The past is past. Learn from mistakes. Then go to bed, and wake up with a clean slate.

Tomorrow is another day

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This is a Daily Moment—short perspectives on life and times through a dad’s eye.

Today I sent an email that I really regret sending. In a meeting, it got bit heated between me and a coworker. And I didn’t get near as much done at work as I hoped.

At the grocery store, I accidentally bumped a jar off a shelf and it shattered on the floor. The food I bought for dinner got burnt on the stove. And I swore in front of the kids.

Later, I snapped at my kids for something that wasn’t a big deal. My wife needed my help and instead I said something she didn’t deserve. And now I’m pissed off because I didn’t get to the gym.

Fortunately not all of these things happened on the same day. But they have all happened before.

Apart from being things I wish would’ve happened differently, they all have something else in common: they’re all in the past.

So here’s what I tell myself…

You can’t go backwards. You can’t change it. Tomorrow is a new day. Go to bed, and wake up with a clean slate.

It’s the same story after any mistake. Learn from it. Toss out the bad memory and negative emotions, and keep the lesson.

Then move on. Tomorrow is another day.

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