Turn left for 6-foot herons and 20-foot rabbits

On my run, I usually turn right. Today was different.

Turn left for 6-foot herons and 20-foot rabbits

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This is a Daily Moment—short perspectives on life and times through a dad’s eye.

Today I went out for a run. I started down a familiar set of roads, but I felt an urge for something different. At one point where I normally go right, I went left. And I began the journey down a long, unfamiliar country road.

Along the way, I came across a 20-foot-tall Nestlé’s Nesquik rabbit mascot holding a giant LED sign. A bit later, I accidentally frightened a great blue heron, who soared 20 meters downstream on his 6-foot wingspan. Such beautiful birds.

I also learned some new roads and saw some old farm houses. One had enough chopped firewood to last a decade (and reminded me of a bearded Canadian). It also helped me realized just how much open farm land surrounds my house. You don’t get the same feeling passing by in a car.

Most of our lives are spent turning right, because that’s the way we always turn. But if you always run familiar roads, you’ll always see familiar things.

So don’t forget that turning left is also a possibility. You never know when you’ll come across a 20-foot rabbit.

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