Who doesn’t want Pharrell’s music?

It can be scary to share, but at least you tried. And learned. So try again.

Who doesn’t want Pharrell’s music?

Who doesn’t want Pharrell’s music? 1024 683 Looking out Loud

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In a recent YouTube vortex, I was dropped off in a conversation between iconic music producers Rick Rubin and Pharrell Williams. They reflected through music history, the industry, and legendary artists from James Brown to Jay Z. If you have any interest in music, mindfulness, or beautiful silence, I recommend it.

At one point, Rubin asked Pharrell about the ideas he brings to the studio. In response, Pharrell said that 60% of the time, he creates something for an artist that he thinks is right for them, and they turn it down.

You might know Pharrell from that “Happy” clap along song that gets stuck in your head. But he’s also produced songs for Madonna, Shakira, Beck, Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran, and every hiphop artist you can name. He even narrated the animated version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

Yes, that Pharrell Williams said that 60% of the time, people don’t dig what he brings.

Now over to you. Have you ever shared something, terrified that people would laugh at you, or not respond at all? Or worse, have you not shared something because you were afraid of what others would think?

If people don’t like your LinkedIn post, or your team shoots down your idea, or your friends don’t laugh at your joke… it’s ok. Think where Pharrell would be if he kept all his ideas in a drawer because he was afraid to try.

So if you’ve got something to share, put it out there. See how people react, or how they don’t. And then try again.

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